Building a Business Plan


Presented by Lisa Beaney

Subject: Business Beginner
Day: Wednesday 16th Jan 2019
Time: 09.00 to 11.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Lisa Beaney in room : Muscadet

To be successful in business you need a plan. You wouldn’t head out on a journey without knowing your destination or planning your route so we all need to put the same level of planning in to our businesses.

In this session Lisa will go through putting together a five year plan, splitting it in to single years, looking at the overheads, cost of sales, marketing, sales and depreciation to put together a plan that can take your business forward.
You will look at how you can work out a marketing budget and the elements you should consider.

After taking in to account the fixed overheads for your business you will look at pricing your products and time so that you can put together a price list that means you will make money from your photography.

When you have your initial pricing set you will be able to see the volume of work needed to earn the income that you need from your business.

When the basic business plan is in place Lisa will look at monthly budgets and how you can monitor these to make sure that your business is kept on track.

By monitoring your business on a monthly basis you will be able to see in advance any potential cashflow problems and plan properly for the highs and lows that occur in every business (January is always our quietest month!)

Lisa will put all this information in to a spreadsheet with some easy formula so you can start to do some “What If” planning i.e. what happens to my profits if I put my session fee up by £10 or would I better off dropping it and shooting more sessions….

If you have confidence in your business model and pricing then this will come across to your clients and they will book you at the prices you choose to charge.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. The old saying that nobody plans to fail but we all fail to plan is so true!
2. Without a plan how do you know how to steer your business in the right direction?
3. We will be demystifying business planning so that it becomes an aid rather than a hinderance.
4. Business planning is a bit like building your own personal crystal ball, it allows you to see in to the future!
5. If you have a laptop/iPad with excel you’ll be able to download a template and build it as we go along.

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