Editing and Printing from Lightroom


Presented by Lisa Beaney

Subject: Workflow Beginner
Day: Thursday 17th Jan 2019
Time: 13.00 to 15.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Lisa Beaney in room : Mouton Cadet

One way of standing out from the crowd is to offer your own Fine Art prints to clients. These could be from a wedding or portrait session or your own landscape or wildlife work.

In this class Lisa will look at editing the photos within Lightroom using the develop module and how Lightroom and Photoshop are linked. This will include some of the more recent changes such as the Range Masking options available for selective editing.

Lisa will then look at how you can produce a print proof based on the paper you choose to use (you will also look at the wide range of paper choices available and how you decide on one)

The next stage is the print module, how can you print multiple images on one page, the colour management options available and how to get the finished image to look the way that YOU want it to!

This classwill cover :

.Layout Styles - Setting up a Single image/ Contact Sheet, PicturePackage or Custom Package allowing you to print more than one photo in more than one size on the same sheet.
.Guides - To show rulers, bleeds, margins, image cells anddimensions.
.Page - This specifies what text and other information gets printedwith the photo (great for producing numbered images on a contact sheet)
.Print resolution, colour management and sharpening.
.Colour Space - To show the differences between different types ofpaper and ink, when you can see the effect this will have you can make an informed decision on your paper choice.
.Printing multiple pages

Printing your own work can be both satisfying and profitable and Lisa will look at how you can produce your own prints for competition and qualification panels as well as prints for client

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Taking the photo is only the start, it is what happens next that makes it special!
2. We will look in detail at the Develop module in Lightroom and how you can use all the tools within it.
3. Learn how to get your prints looking the same when they come out of the printer as they do when they are on your screen.
4. We will look at colour profiles, why they are important and how we can use them.
5. There might be chocolate!!

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