Compose Yourself! The Subconscious Art of Photographic Composition


Presented by Robin Goodlad

Subject: Techniques Intermediate
Day: Wednesday 16th Jan 2019
Time: 13.00 to 15.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Robin Goodlad in room : Mouton Cadet

What makes a great photograph? Composition is well known as an enormously key factor, but why do some images work, whilst others don't? What are the secrets to a truly successful photograph?

In this masterclass Robin will explore the many ways to maximise the impact of your images by exploring the elements of composition, many of which are interpreted by the viewer subconsciously. Discover key methods to convey your intent through the image, and the art of knowing how a viewer will perceive your images by understanding how visual perception works. Bringing these together is key to communicating what you see, and therefore what you want the viewer to see.

In this fascinating insight Robin will also explore how the many key elements of composition work; including visual weight, the use of colour, negative space, the balance of elements, patterns, the power of lines, and the use of frames in the image. All of these have a key part to play, and some will be obvious to the viewer, others won't.
He will also look at cropping for composition - why certain crops work and others don't, and how to simply add impact and intent to your images with careful cropping and different aspect ratios.
By explaining the science behind composition including Gestalt theory, Robin will demystify and reveal the true magic of composition, an essential tool for every photographer's toolbox. Once you understand the tools, he will then explore how to put these into practice. In whatever genre of photography you undertake, the principles can be applied in the same way.

Once you understand the subconscious elements that contribute to a powerful image, you will never look at a photograph in the same way again! Whether a seasoned professional, or complete beginner, this class really will have something for everyone.

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