The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
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25th February 2018 GMT

2008 Society Photographic Competition Awards

Award winning images 2009



Architectural International

Bridal Portraiture

Bridal Portraiture International 


Children International


Commercial International
Contemporary Portraiture

Contemporary Portraiture International
Contemporary Weddings
Contemporary Weddings International
Digital Art
Digital Art International
Environmental Portraiture
Environmental Portraiture International

Family Portraiture and Groups

Family Portraiture and Groups International
Fashion & Beauty
Fashion & Beauty International
Fine Art
Fine Art International
Glamour International
Illustrative & Pictorial
Illustrative & Pictorial International
Landscape International
Monochrome International
Pets International
Press & PR
Press & PR International
Science & Nature
Science & Nature International
Sport International
Traditional Portraiture
Traditional Portraiture International
Traditional Weddings
Traditional Weddings International
Wildlife International


Special Awards


Recognition Award

Recognition Award


Monthly Competition Winners UK

Monthly Competition Winners Overseas


Forum Competition


General category

Wedding category


20 x 16 Competition


Nouveau Sub categories



Natural World


Nouveau Overall Winner


Wedding  Sub categories

Traditional Wedding

Contemporary Wedding

Photojournalism Wedding

Wedding  Overall Winner


Portrait Sub categories

Contemporary Portrait

Environmental Portrait

Traditional Portrait

Portrait Overall Winner


Natural World Sub categories



Overall Open Winner


20 x 16 Competition Winner   




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Photo Quote: The contemporary not bound to a fully conceived, previsioned end. His mind is kept alert to in-process discovery and a working rapport is established between the artist and his creation. While it may be true, as Nathan Lyons stated, 'The eye and the camera see more than the mind knows,' is it not also conceivable that the mind knows more than the eye and the camera can see? - Jerry Uelsmann

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