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26th May 2018 GMT

What they said about the 2007 Convention

Professional Imagemaker Magazine

Hi Trevor and Faye
Just a quick note to say many thanks for your help and advice on the Mentor Me session we had on Friday, for someone just starting out your generosity and experience is much appreciated.
Best regards
Lesley P

Dear Juliet

A big thank and congratulations on an excellent Convention 2007, Business School and Awards Dinner. I learned a great deal and enjoyed myself a lot over the past week. Especially with the surprise of my Nature Award last night. Please pass on my thanks to Phil and the whole team for all the hard work put in. I was delighted to win the 'Nature and Environmental

Photographer of the Year 2006'. I hope the first of many.
See you next year.


Hi Phil and Juliet!

Another successful convention for you aye! I am sure you have received many compliments on a beautiful show. I am looking forward to coming over next year and I will mark the dates down and try hard not to book over them - something special about England in January I think! Ha!

I also decided to start entering images. I have not done this in awhile but it will be fun to see how it goes and I notice the competition is fierce at SWPP & BPPA with the huge amount of talent that participates - I say, never try to do anything too easy! Cross your fingers for me!

Thank you for your warm friendship and for taking care of me. I am sure that as time passes we will become even stronger friends and I look forward to seeing you at WPPI.

Love from me to you! Thank you.

:-) Jane

Dear Juliet and Phil

Just got back home in a daze and harbouring feel-good factor, although with a slight hint of depression!. Wow!! What can I say. What a great event. Missing it already.

I really feel honoured to have been asked to speak at the convention and sit on the judging panel. Feedback was fantastic and the flow of education went both ways. Thanks again for the trust and for furthering the cause of our beloved medium.

Will be in touch shortly regarding the England/Ireland tour.

Best regards


Dear Phil,

Just a quick note to say a "big Thank You" to you and the Team for an excellent conference.

Very useful and enjoyable.

Please have some good rest now!

Kind regards.


Hi Phil,
What a Weekend!!!!

Just a quick note to say a big thanks to you & Julie for the amazing convention you staged at Hammersmith. We can't begin to comprehend the detail of organising an event of this magnitude. You & Julie must have worked your socks off pulling all the elements together. The whole event has been superb with a fabulous list of speakers.

It is not possible to catch every seminar along with the trade show but the ones I did catch were all superb.

In no particular order, Martin & Ryan Schembri, Jerry Ghionis, David Williams, Gordon McGowan, Clay Blackmore, Paul Deverill, Paul Callaghan.

We travelled up to Heathrow this morning with Martin Schembri and he also was full of praise for the convention.

All the best for 2007.
Robert & Maisie

Hi Phil & Juliet,

I am just writing to thank you for such a fantastic convention and how well organised it was. I think you have got it just right with the mixture or seminars and trade show exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to meet other like minded photographers, but also to be able to talk with established and award winning photographers, and to see their work. I very much enjoyed talking with Martin Schembri again, and plan to visit his and Ryan's studio when we are over
in Australia later in the year.

I am sorry to hear that Monte Zucker is terminally ill and was unable to attend. I unfortunately did not take the opportunity to see his seminar when he came over to the UK last year, and wish I had. Although I have not met him one of my college projects a few years ago meant that I had to study his work as one of the forerunners of the photojournalistic style of wedding photography, so I was very much looking forward to meeting him and seeing his work.
If you have contact with him then please pass on our regards to him.

Thank you once again, and I look forward to not only next years event, but also to seminars that you organise this year.

With regards,

Hi Phil and Juliet,

What a fantastic time I had at the 2007 Convention in London.
The Convention was for me a great way to start my year. At the trade show I was able to find fresh ideas before they are in the public domain at Focus on Imaging next month and that alone would have been worth attending for.

The Seminars were very informative and I would like to thank the speakers for so generously sharing their knowledge with all of us.

The venue was ideal, the hotel staff were very attentive and polite and the food throughout my stay - superb.

Thanks to you and and the staff for putting on this convention.

Count me in for next year.


Hi Phil

Hope you & Juliet have recovered from the Convention. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the show and how well it was run. I had a very good time and enjoyed the Convention thoroughly and would be happy to recommend to everyone. All your team worked extremely hard and all that hard work is appreciated by all.


Hi Folks,

Just back in sunny Scotland now. Firstly I'd like to say a big well done to you all for a superb week. It was everything I expected and more and it was well worth the trip from up here. I WILL be back next year!! I thought there were some really great speakers, and the whole thing was an amazing experience. Thank You for all your hard work.



Hi Phil & Juliet,

A brilliant conference this year! It was good last year, but so much better this year. The organization was great, the hotel big enough and the speakers first rate. Thank you for your tireless work in organizing such a fabulous event. Now I am all charged up with ideas and enthusiasm for 2007!

My only suggestions for next year are to allow more time to go through the trade show. There were so many excellent talks, scheduled back to back, that I had a tough time getting to the trade show. Also, due to the back to back schedules, I never had time to eat lunch. It would be great if there were sandwiches available to eat quickly between talks.

Thousands of professional photographers under one roof and we can't get a photo without red eye! What are we like?! :-)

Thank you again for everything!
Kind regards,

Hi Juliet

I'd just like to thank you and all the team for a really enjoyable convention, I've never been to anything quite like that, and was really impressed.
Jerry Ghionis is amazing, full of idea's and energy a real inspiration on that subject I wanted to thank you for offering to send me the Image maker Magazine that features Jerry he ran out when he got to me !
All the best



My complement for the London event. I was only there a few days but it was really great. Next year I'll stay longer. It was perfectly organized and the ambiance was great.
When is it planned next year? Also in London?


Ger van Meel

To Phil, Juliet and the entire SWPP & BPPA team

Thank you so much for a fabulous evening on Sunday. As you can imagine, it far exceeded my wildest expectations.

Although only present for the Sunday, I can imagine how much work goes into organising such an event and how much it must take out of you all. I do hope you can sit back now for a few days to recover and look back with pride on a job very well done.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on the very professional approach the SWPP gives to everything it does.

I do hope I did not give the wrong impression in our brief discussion Phil. Obviously I was over the moon at the award, but in equal measure, I was embarrassed by it, as there were so many eminent photographers present, whose work I have admired during the brief period that I have been involved with photography in a serious way. Working in relative isolation, it is very difficult to assess ones own work and as I am very self critical, it is difficult to envisage such an accolade being bestowed.

I was over the moon at getting my first merit and seeing it in print a couple of months later, so achieving the first award on Sunday was the icing on the cake, the next one a double layer of it! The third, well a real mix of emotions. Guilt, astonishment, embarrassment, pride, exultation.to name a few. I'm beginning to get over the first three and my family are helping me enjoy the latter! I really can't explain the emotions I felt and I believe I made a very poor job of it on the night, so again, I apologise if I gave the wrong impression.

Once again I thank you all and ask that you keep up the good work. It really is appreciated.

Best wishes

Hi Phil and Juliet

First I would like to thank you both and your team for putting on a really great event. I enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones. Being able to meet and talk to so many people in the business gave me a great boost.

Looking forward to next year

Thanks again
George Maguire

Dear Mark and Debbie,

Thank you.

I came to both your seminars at the weekend, and want to thank you very much for two fantastic seminars. I learned so much from both the seminars and speaking to you personally afterwards, I will be practicing and looking at my notes all the time until I master the techniques.

As I have just started to shoot digitally I specially liked the systematic workflow you have mastered. I can only hope to becomes as good as you soon.

Once again thank you very much and hope to meet you again soon.

Best Regards

Hi both,

just a line to say thanks for a great show, and am just about recovering!
We have taken many booking at the stand this year, well up on last year and a lot more enquiries too! It was well worth our while attending and hope to continue our support in the future.

You have both so worked hard and it showed in the way it all run so smoothly.

Wishing you both all the success in the future, take care

Hi Juliet
Just thought I would Congratulate you on such a fantastic event, its the best I have been to, well done, please pass on my thanks to all who assisted me in setting up my demos.

kindest regards

Dear Juliet,Phil

On behalf of Leach Colour and myself a big thank you for a fabulous couple of days at the trade show. We thoroughly enjoyed it although very tiring.We look forward to next years event and please reserve me our normal stand space again although we might just want to tweak our stand position but once

Again many congratulations on all the hard work that you and your team put in and thanks for the step ladders it seem to go down quite well.I think biggest clap of the night ??????????how embarrassing.

Both you and phil take care

All our best wishes

Matthew, Jayne @ Leach Colour

Dear Trevor & Faye

I hope you are both well. I was lucky enough to attend your seminar at the SWPP conference at the weekend and I wanted to thank you, Faye & Victoria for a really inspiring presentation. It just reinforced to me that nude photography is most definitely an area I would like to continue exploring and your passion really came across to me.

Since my art college days many years ago I have wanted to pursue my love of the nude and have been fortunate enough to have a few friends who have been willing to model for me. That being said I have a lot to learn and hope to continue learning with every shoot I do. Mark suggested we email you if we were interested in the classical nude course that you may be considering running – I would be really interested in attending and would be really grateful if you could keep me informed if you do decide to go ahead.

Many many thanks again


Hi Phil & Juliet
Great convention well done!

Kind regards
George Dawber

Dear Phil and Juliet,

What a fantastic high you must both be on to have had such an incredibly successful convention! As a speaker and an attendee, everything went perfect. The programs we went to were wonderful and the friendly atmosphere was beyond belief. Everyone there was warm, welcoming, helpful and friendly. I enjoyed meeting so many in such a short time. I look forward to the 2008 SWPP convention and our plans for it and need to know the dates so I can put it on my schedule immediately!
The tradeshow was also a huge part of the enjoyment of the convention. I really enjoyed talking to the vendors and I have many new items being shipped to the US for me and they were all happy to do it and work with me.

Again, as always, your friendship and warmth are valued and I look forward to our dinner at WPPI in March. It was great to see the family also, but I missed seeing Sally and Lucy and Jess and meeting your newest member John and Jess's new playmate also.

warm wishes,


Dear Juliet and Phil

As quoted by myself, when opening my seminar “your event is the best and the most interactive event in the industry and very much my favourite”. The team and I really enjoyed the event and the whole concept of the conference, which we found very beneficial. It is a real credit to you and your team.

We have already received some extremely positive feedback from my presentation, so I would like to thank you for giving me this platform to represent my marketing and business development approaches. I would like to commit my support once again in 2008 and look forward to hearing all about your plans connected to this forthcoming event.

The team and I have spoken to hundreds of photographers over the past few days and many of them value the opportunity to hear me speak and lecture. Photographers who were unfortunately committed to alternative plans and unable to attend have already asked about the possibility of seeing me in 2008.
Once again I cannot congratulate you both enough for executing such a successful event!

With warmest regards

Catherine Connor
Managing Director

Hi Juliet

I must say a big thank you for all the good work you have done these last few days. It was really a good convention. We Maltese people have had really a great fun and we’ve learned a lot. Keep it up because in my opinion this is the only way photographers from all over the world can meet, socialize and learn from each other.

Stephen Busuttil

Hiya Phil
Thanks for organising this excellent facility for us all, it gives us a chance to improve by taking that step back and seeing the wood for the trees!
Best wishes

Hi Phil and Juliet.

I would like to tell you what a fantastic time we both had at the SWPP convention this year. After my first visit last year I was privileged and proud to be asked to speak at this years show. Our presentation went really well and had a packed room with people standing at the back. and I would like to extend my thanks to your staff who were always on hand to help and make sure all the equipment was available.

Thank you also for all the great speakers I had the chance to see.Jerry Ghionis, Keith Thompson, Jim Moreland, David Williams - to name but a few!
Trade show was also very good - although I ended up spending more money than intended!!!

Cant wait for next years show maybe you will ask me to talk again?!

Best wishes
Mark and Kirsty
PS I received this email yesterday:

Hello Mark, just wanted to tell you how much enjoyed your class last Friday at the convention. After all you have achieved it was refreshing to hear that you were 10 times more nervous than you are before a wedding! I left your class inspired and with useful tips. Your presentation was AWESOME and I wanted to break out in a dance routine when Justin Timberlake came on!
Wishing you and yours all the best and continued success.

Anja King


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1: "THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION FOR A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER IS CHOOSING THEIR EDUCATION" - This event will give you the opportunity to boost your knowledge.

2: MEET 150+ PLUS EXHIBITORS - All the important players within the industry are exhibiting at this event, so meet the key personnel who can help you.

3: IT'S FACE TO FACE CONTACT - With people who can resolve your problems & give you ideas.

4: BUSINESS SCHOOL - Learn everything that you will need to know about running a successful business.

5: MASTERCLASSES - Learn from the experts from the profession - Friday, Saturday and Sunday


7: TERRIFIC SOCIAL OCCASION - Saturday Night International Themed Party Night & Sunday Night Awards Dinner - see the winning images and mingle with fellow professionals.

8: GREAT LOCATION - Situated in the heart of the London UK close to The West End and all Major Attractions plus all major motorway networks and Heathrow and Gatwick International Airport.

9: PERFECT TIMING - Start the year off with inspiration, get yourself prepared for what could be your best year ever in business.

10: YOU WON'T GO AWAY EMPTY HANDED - but come away inspired.

In 2003 Novotel London West won the National Customer Service Award for their Service Extraordinaire® Training Program. The award, which was open to service providers from all industries, recognised the hotel’s exceptional service standards.

The hotel is conveniently located on the west side of London in the Hammersmith area, with direct access to the M4 motorway to Heathrow airport, 10 miles away. Buses and trains run regularly to and from the centre of London with an approximate travel time of 15 minutes to Piccadilly Circus.

Travelling to the Convention in the UK could not be easier if you use public transport.  All rail links lead into London with many bargain tickets available if you BOOK NOW. 

All bookings are final. We reserve the right to change speakers and exhibitors without notice.

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Convention testimonials This year's Convention will have a very positive impact on my business and I just know that I will be ready for more next year. I'm on a journey to a very nice place, it will take a while to get there and the hills are very steep. Get there I will and your input will have played a big part in the successes that lie ahead. Graham Martin

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