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Wednesday 20th August 2014  GMT 


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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Simplifique la fotografía desde la captura hasta el revelado
El nuevo software Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™ es el conjunto de herramientas fundamental para los fotógrafos profesionales; proporciona una sola aplicación para gestionar, ajustar y presentar grandes volúmenes de fotografías digitales, de modo que pasará menos tiempo delante del ordenador y más detrás del objetivo




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Photo Quote: Very often people looking at my pictures say, 'You must have had to wait a long time to get that cloud just right (or that shadow, or the light).' As a matter of fact, I almost never wait, that is, unless I can see that the thing will be right in a few minutes. But if I must wait an hour for the shadow to move, or the light to change, or the cow to graze in the other direction, then I put up my camera and go on, knowing that I am likely to find three subjects just as good in the same hour. - Edward Weston