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Wednesday 2nd September 2015  


Dumfries & Galloway Florists

Dumfries & Galloway

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  2. Blooms Florist - flower shop - Blooms Florist in Dumfries Dumfries & Galloway
  3. Dez Plants - flower shop - Dez Plants in Dumfries Dumfries & Galloway
  4. Garden Wise - flower shop - Garden Wise in Annan Dumfries & Galloway
  5. Garden Wise Florists - flower shop - Garden Wise Florists in Annan Dumfries & Galloway
  6. Lily Knowles Florists - flower shop - Lily Knowles Florists in Kirkcudbright Dumfries & Galloway
  7. Passion Flowers - flower shop - Passion Flowers in Dumfries Dumfries & Galloway

Floral Trivia:
From the earliest times, brides have adorned their hair with flowers and carried bunches of flowers. Traditionally, each type of flower had a special meaning and significance in and of itself. Flowers were often thrown at the couple after the ceremony. However today, most brides pick their flowers for colour and personal appeal not based on the traditional meaning of particular flowers.


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