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Friday 24th February 2017  


West Yorkshire Florists

West Yorkshire

  1. Amazy Days Flowers - flower shop - Amazy Days Flowers in Bradford West Yorkshire
  2. Andrea Cumberworth Floral Designer - florist - Andrea Cumberworth Floral Designer in West Yorkshire
  3. Arts and Flowers - flower shop - Arts and Flowers in Leeds West Yorkshire
  4. Blossoms Group - flower shop - Blossoms Group in Leeds West Yorkshire
  5. Daisy Chain - flower shop - Daisy Chain in Leeds West Yorkshire
  6. Dawn's Blooming Ideas - flower shop - Dawn's Blooming Ideas in Leeds West Yorkshire
  7. Diane Penny Flowers - florist - Diane Penny Flowers in West Yorkshire
  8. Eden Bespoke Flowers - flower shop - Eden Bespoke Flowers in Leeds West Yorkshire
  9. Floral Expression - flower shop - Floral Expression in Leeds West Yorkshire
  10. Flower Power Florist - flower shop - Flower Power Florist in Leeds West Yorkshire
  11. Frames for Flowers - flower shop - Frames for Flowers in Bradford West Yorkshire
  12. Leeds House of Flowers - flower shop - Leeds House of Flowers in Leeds West Yorkshire
  13. Lily Flowers - flower shop - Lily Flowers in Leeds West Yorkshire
  14. Lucia's Favors - florist - Lucia's Favors in West Yorkshire
  15. Mrs Bouquets - florist - Mrs Bouquets in West Yorkshire
  16. Pollen Online - florist - Pollen Online in West Yorkshire
  17. Rose & Bud - flower shop - Rose & Bud in Horsforth West Yorkshire
  18. The Flower Shop - flower shop - The Flower Shop in Leeds West Yorkshire
  19. The Wedding Flower Company - florist - The Wedding Flower Company in West Yorkshire
  20. Theresa's Flowers - flower shop - Theresa's Flowers in Leeds West Yorkshire
  21. Victoria's Flower Shack - flower shop - Victoria's Flower Shack in Leeds West Yorkshire
  22. Wharfedale Flowers - florist - Wharfedale Flowers in West Yorkshire

Floral Trivia:
From the earliest times, brides have adorned their hair with flowers and carried bunches of flowers. Traditionally, each type of flower had a special meaning and significance in and of itself. Flowers were often thrown at the couple after the ceremony. However today, most brides pick their flowers for colour and personal appeal not based on the traditional meaning of particular flowers.


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