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Term - SLR (Single-lens reflex)

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SLR (Single-lens reflex)

An SLR or single-lens reflex is really designed for the enthusiast photographer or the person who can put up with a larger camera in return for increased accuracy and greater versatility. This type of camera has through the lens viewing with a mirror behind the lens and a pentaprism to direct the light passing through the lens to the optical finder. The mirror lifts up out of the way as a photograph is taken. As you look through the lens that takes the picture the composition can be more accurate and the lens often removes giving you a wider scope of options. The metering and focusing systems are usually more accurate too. Despite all this creativity its still possible to stick most SLRs on a full auto point & shoot mode so anyone could use one with ease, but dont expect to fit one in a pocket! They are much bigger.


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