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17th October 2018 GMT



British Farmer & Grower Farming Wiltshire England
Crops Farming Surrey England
Dairy Farmers Farming Surrey England
Dairy Update Farming Surrey England
Farmers Guide Magazine Farming Surrey England
Farmers Weekly Farming Surrey England
Farmland Market Farming Surrey England
Fertilizer Europe Farming Middlesex England
Fertilizer Focus Magazine Farming Middlesex England
Grain and Feed Milling Technology Farming Middlesex England
International Dairy Topics Farming East Yorkshire England
International Food Hygiene Farming East Yorkshire England
International Hatchery Practice Farming East Yorkshire England
International Pig Topics Farming East Yorkshire England
International Poultry Production Farming East Yorkshire England
NFU Countryside Farming Gloucestershire England
Outlook on Agriculture Farming London England
Pig Farming Magazine Farming Kent England
Pig Industry Magazine Farming Norfolk England
Pig International Magazine Farming Hampshire England
Poultry World Farming Surrey England
Resale Weekly Farming London England
Tractor and Farm Machinery Trader Farming Essex England

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