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23/05/2016 Denton Full-Day Seminar 06/08/2016 Denton Full-Day Seminar 21/09/2016 Denton Residential Course
26/05/2016 Denton Full-Day Seminar 07/08/2016 Denton Full-Day Seminar 22/09/2016 Denton Residential Course
27/06/2016 Judging School 18/09/2016 Denton Residential Course 23/09/2016 Denton Residential Course
28/06/2016 Judging School 19/09/2016 Denton Residential Course 24/09/2016 Denton Residential Course
29/06/2016 Judging School 20/09/2016 Denton Residential Course

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