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20th September 2019 GMT


Werner Forman Archive Limited

Werner Forman Archive Limited
36 Camden Square

fax:- +44 20 7267 6026

e-mail:- wfa@btinternet.com


Photographic Archive

SubSpeci Transparencies and high resolution scans for reproduction

Photographic archive hosting Werner Forman's colour and black and white photographs of the art and cultures of ancient, oriental and primitive societies. Comprehensively covered subjects include ancient Egypt, ancient and Islamic Africa, the Celts, the Vikings, Byzantium, Rome, the Moors, pre-Columbian America, Native American art and archaeology, Moghul India, medieval Japan and medieval China. Rare collections include myth, erotica, "white man" as seen in the art of Africa, Asia and the Americas, masks, puppets, textiles and jewellery as well as Scythian, Tantric, Africa, Korean, Vietnamese, Maori, Balinese, Kalimantan and Inuit Art.

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