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Friday 29th July 2016  


Hampshire Wedding Cars

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  1. Absolutely Fabulous - Absolutely Fabulous - Hampshire
  2. Ace Limos - Ace Limos - Hampshire
  3. Acira Wedding Cars - Acira Wedding Cars - Hampshire
  4. Ages Past - Ages Past - Hampshire
  5. Armstrong Wedding Cars of Hampshire - Armstrong Wedding Cars of Hampshire - Hampshire
  6. Carriage Ltd - Carriage Ltd - Hampshire
  7. Carriages and Cars - Carriages and Cars - Hampshire
  8. Cathedral Cars - Cathedral Cars - Hampshire
  9. Cedar Vintage Cars - Cedar Vintage Cars - Hampshire
  10. Classic and Vintage Car Company - Classic and Vintage Car Company - Hampshire
  11. Confetti Cars - Confetti Cars - Hampshire
  12. Distinguished Carriages - Distinguished Carriages - Hampshire
  13. Hall's Private Hire - Hall's Private Hire - Hampshire
  14. Hi-Profile Limousines - Hi-Profile Limousines - Hampshire
  15. Hitch A Lift - Hitch A Lift - Hampshire
  16. Imperial VIP Chauffeur Services - Imperial VIP Chauffeur Services - Hampshire
  17. Morse Wedding Cars - Morse Wedding Cars - Hampshire
  18. Samba Weddings - Samba Weddings - Hampshire
  19. Seabreeze Luxury Independent Chauffeur Car Hire - Seabreeze Luxury Independent Chauffeur Car Hire - Hampshire
  20. ''Something Old'' Vintage Wedding Cars - ''Something Old'' Vintage Wedding Cars - Hampshire
  21. Swallow Cars - Swallow Cars - Hampshire
  22. Ugo-Ez - Ugo-Ez - Hampshire

Wedding Trivia:
From the earliest times, brides have adorned their hair with flowers and carried bunches of flowers. Traditionally, each type of flower had a special meaning and significance in and of itself. Flowers were often thrown at the couple after the ceremony. However today, most brides pick their flowers for color and personal appeal not based on the traditional meaning of particular flowers.


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