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Monday 22nd April 2019  GMT

The requirements and duties of the Best Man

On your wedding day your best man has many duties and requirements to fulfil, so you need to choose someone who has plenty energy and is well organised. He should be over 18 years of age so that he can sign the marriage license, or in a Jewish wedding sign the Ketubah (Marriage Contract).
Prior the wedding:
The best man plans the bachelor party, be aware though that many organise ‘surprises on the night so be prepared for just about anything!  Aside from the traditional stag party, the best man should be imaginative when planning the bachelor party. Some ideas include a golf outing, fishing trip, ski/snowboarding vacation, Las Vegas or another trip, just a dinner for the groom and his friends. or the traditional ‘pub crawl’ Whatever is planned, the best man should collect the money, and make all the arrangements. The groom should not be involved in the planning or payment for the bachelor party.
The Best Man also helps find accommodations for out-of-town guests, secure and coordinate the tuxedo rentals, and if limousines are not being used making sure the groom gets to the ceremony on time.
At the Wedding Ceremony:
The Best Man is responsible for producing the rings by either holding them, or removing them from the ring bearer pillow. He also makes sure the officiant's fee is paid. He signs the certificates and generally escorts the Maid of Honour.
At the Wedding Reception:
The most memorable and important duty of the best man occurs during the reception is the toast, known as the Best Man's speech. This should be more than just a simple toast. It should be either a heart-warming or funny tale (preferably both) of the Groom. He should mention the Bride as well and the toast at the end of the speech should wish a long happy marriage.
He should also dance with the Bride, Maid of Honour, and other Bridesmaids during the party. Lastly, at the conclusion of the reception, he should escort the groom and his bride to their exit and see them off.



Wedding Trivia: RICE THROWING
Rice has been used as a symbol of fertility and as a wish for a "full pantry" in various parts of the world from ancient to modern times. In the past, rice was not the only thing thrown at the bride and groom as the left the wedding. Wheat, instead of rice, was thrown in France, figs and dates were thrown in Northern Africa, and a combination of coins, dried fruit, and candy was thrown in Italy. In some European countries eggs are thrown!Rice is not harmful to the birds that eat it, but an article in California professing this to be the case, has caused birdseed to replace rice at most weddings. Flower petals, confetti, baubles, and balloons are often used today instead of rice.

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