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by Phil Jones Published 01/12/2013


Phil: Can you give me an example of how adopting this solution will help photographers to make more money from digital image weddings?

Ronan: There are a number of ways in which The 3XM Solution helps photographers to make more money from digital image weddings. In the past, photographers would often say to us that by doing a digital image package and not offering an album, they were losing out on referral business. We were very mindful of this when creating The 3XM Solution and wondered how we could create increased referral business for our network of professional photographers. A referral is one of the strongest forms of advertising and professional photographers across the country will attest to its importance. So, we designed a powerful referral tool with the aim of putting the photographer's work and contact details in front of as many potential customers as possible. Our research told us that brides-to-be were searching for suppliers and looking for inspirational ideas online, mostly via Facebook and Pinterest. Our solution allows the photographer to create a video slideshow for every wedding. Not only this, but their contact details go on the first slide. You might say 'So what? Photographers across the country already produce video slideshows for their clients using a variety of programs'. The difference with our video slideshow is simple but crucial. We have made it extremely easy for the photographer's clients, ie the bride and groom to share the video slideshow with their friends and family on Facebook. So in one click the slideshow video with the photographer's details can be in front of their bride and groom's family and friends on Facebook. This could be hundreds of people. This scale of referral marketing is something many photographers would pay a lot of money for and this is included free of charge with The 3XM Solution.


Phil: Sounds great Ronan. What other tools have you built within the solution?

Ronan: Well 'The Wedding Album Boutique' is the consumer portal that the brides and grooms interact with. We're getting a lot of traffic to The Wedding Album Boutique website from brides-to-be and 16% of all visitors to the site use our 'Find A Photographer Facility'. This generates an enquiry directly to photographers in the chosen area and already we are driving hundreds of enquiries to photographers as a result of this facility. When you add to this the large volume of enquiries we took at the National Wedding Fairs in London and Birmingham, we have delivered thousands of enquiries direct to The 3XM Solution photographers.

Phil: I heard a rumour that The Wedding Album Boutique was on Sky News:

Ronan: That's right. When David Cameron announced new tax breaks for couples getting married Sky News went to The National Wedding Show in London to cover the story. Out of all the stands and exhibitors at the show, they asked us could they film at our stand and feature our products.

Of course we said yes!

The feature went out to over 107 million viewers worldwide and we had a great response in terms of traffic to our website following the exposure.

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