Editorial June-July 2015 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2015


Welcome to the latest issue of Professional Imagemaker. Much water has gone under the bridge since we last met (literally in my case with a rainy week on Arran!); the shape of the government has changed but, more importantly, the speaker list for Convention 16 has been announced!

We have refreshed the livery for the Convention with a new flat design influence and hope you like it. Look out for the little tag:

which will append all articles by writers who are also speaking at the Convention. There are 18 new names to look out for on the speaker list of 78 so all corners are covered; so dust off the piggy bank and start saving towards the best week of the year.

John Baikie started something last issue when he dropped his family archive article into the in-tray. We have even had letters about it - unusual this, but thanks to Ian Gee and John Collins for their considered comments on the subject. It seems that issues are as widespread as we feared, but once again it is worth reiterating - you can look at it as a business opportunity!

Spring is in the air and hopefully it brings a busy time for our social photographers. It also brings Mother Nature into full bloom and already the first holly blue has been spotted around McNamee Towers. This is pertinent because we are some way down the line to creating a nature-themed magazine for the next issue.

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1st Published 01/06/2015
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