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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


"Dreams are like a magic door that allows me to enter a fantasy world" Chiara says. "Sometimes this world is dark and scary, but sometimes it's beautiful and full of wonders." The array of images, emotions and ideas that present themselves in the mind during sleep has never been fully understood. However, in the past dreams have been considered sources of knowledge for the dreamer to interpret and use as guidance for their life choices. This idea of our dreams as a window to our unconscious thoughts is Chiara's starting point before turning those ideas into a more tangible work of art.


I asked why Chiara was fascinated with dreams and unconscious desire and she told me that "Dreams never quite belonged to their dreamers, since the hidden meaning was not immediately accessible. One needed the help of an interpreter or prior training in the art of deciphering. Only after interpretation would the dream yield it's secret message. I believe every dream carries a message from the unconscious."

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