Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 success for competition winner - part 1 of 1



Dilip receiving his DX100 last year, with Fujifilm’s Peter Wigington

Competition winner saysyes to success

Dilip Joshi, of DeeJay Photography, was the luckywinner of a Frontier-S DX100 in last year’s competition.We caught up with him to find out how the DX100 hashelped his business grow.

I had been outsourcing the printingaspect of my photography businessand I’d generally considered theprocess of managing both thephotography and printing workflow atweddings and events a little daunting.However, winning the DX100 offeredme the chance to expand mycommercial opportunities, especiallyat weddings, and sell prints during theevent, rather than afterwards.

The printer really came into its ownat a charity event called Ace of Clubs,where I had been asked to takephotographs for a fundraising evening.


At the event, I was assisted by my18-year-old daughter. She managedthe sending and printing of the images,as well as mounting them andcollecting the money. Thanks to theDX100, this was such a straight-forwardprocess that I was able to leaveher to it and focus completely ontaking the pictures. The evening was ahuge success and raised somemuch-needed funds.

One of the most important aspectsof printing for any professionalphotographer is image quality. Therecannot be a compromise betweenspeed and convenience when it comesto image quality. I have to be confidentthat the images are going to bereproduced faithfully and for me, thisreally is where the DX100 comes intoits own. Time after time.

Looking to the future, I can see anumber of areas where the DX100 willhelp me to improve my business, forexample, I can now bring in a secondshooter on larger jobs and moneytaken from selling prints on the nightwill cover that cost.For me, as a small business ownerwho needs portability, I find thisprinter extremely useful. It has thecapability to cope with varied printvolumes, and in terms of consumablesand quality, you would be hardpressedto find a better solution.

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