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by Helen Bartlett Published 16/11/2017


How do organisations such as The Societies of Photographers help?
Organisations such as The Societies of Photographers help by bringing people together, whether in person at the Convention or online on the forum. By working together we can take the industry forward and improve all our own businesses.

Why is The Societies of Photographers Convention such a big deal for photographers?
The Convention is great as it brings people together. The Trade Show is a fabulous place to talk to suppliers and see the new trends. The seminars are a great way to learn new skills and get inspired for the New Year and, most importantly, meeting up with your peers helps build a community who can help and support each other in an increasingly challenging commercial environment.

Is it primarily about the chance to learn from the experiences of imaging icons?
I’ve always felt the biggest thing I have gained from attending the convention (and I’ve been almost every year since I started my business) is a community of photographers who have grown their businesses at the same pace as my own. Friends who I can turn to for advice, and peers who I can recommend when I’m already booked, this community has been vital to the success of my business. I’ve also seen some wonderful talks over the years.


Your own mentors (living or dead)?
My Dad. David Ward, Joe Cornish, Bella West, Kevin Wilson, Iain Bain

Who today is leading the way in creative social photography and why?
I feel Instagram is changing the way we consume photography and means that practitioners from all over the world become accessible to us on a daily basis. I follow so many photographers, both professional and amateur and it’s often the amateur photographers, documenting their own children in far flung corners of the globe, who are producing some of the most innovative work.

If you could pick just FIVE seminars (other than your own of course!) to attend at The Societies of Photographers Convention whose workshops would you attend?
Margaret Soraya: Capturing Beauty in a Landscape
Annie Armitage: A Beginner’s Guide to In Person Sales
Stephanie Belton: A Lifestyle Approach to Newborn and Baby Photography
Nina Mace: Marketing and Branding your Children and Family Photography Business
Kevin Mullins: Let’s be Candid about this

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