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by Helen Bartlett Published 16/11/2017


What do you think will be the next big thing in the industry?
I think the increasing quality of images from phone cameras will bring new challenges to the professional photography industry. This will, hopefully, lead to raising standards as we all push our work forward to stay relevant to an increasingly visually literate clientele.

Would you want your own children to take up the reins of your empire (or have they)?
It’s so hard to predict the changes technology will bring to the industry and to all jobs in the future, I’d advise young people to follow their hearts but also to make sure they have skills in a wider ranger of areas as they may do a number of different jobs over their years in employment.

Your plans for the next five years?
The next five years are looking very exciting as I have just been made a Canon Ambassador. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience on a global platform and also, of course, taking lots of great pictures for my clients.

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