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by Alan Hutchison Published 01/06/2014


Bumps and Babies

While she had always been surrounded by boxes of family memories in snapshot form and was never far from a camera, it was the birth of Nicola's second child and the gift of a new camera for Christmas that spurred her on to take up photography more seriously.


Although Nicola had a career mapped out ahead of her and was planning onfollowing her father Alan's footsteps into the IT industry she had never felt quiteright with her choices. Finding both her university path and jobs frustrating shechanged careers several times before discovering the joy that photographingher children could bring. 'To find that I could turn photographing my girlsinto a career was just amazing. I am thankful to be in a profession that I adoreand look forward to each day.' Not many people can say they truly love everymoment of their job, but Nicola is one of those lucky few that genuinely can.

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1st Published 01/06/2014
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