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by Alan Hutchison Published 01/06/2014


Nicola is also dedicated to helping other photographers improve too. 'I love itwhen my mentees realise that they can achieve the newborn poses and thatit's not some sort of black magic'. Mentoring other photographers has alsohelped Nicola develop herself as a photographer too. She says 'I am a naturallyshy person so mentoring sessions have put me in a position where I need tobe confident' which of course transfers into the interaction that she has withclients.


At the Societies Convention 2015 Nicola will once again be speaking abouthow to stand out from the crowd as a newborn photographer and howto incorporate this potentially lucrative market into your business. 'I'd likepeople to learn that whilst the newborn market is heavily saturated at themoment there are ways to stand out and build a highly successful newbornphotography business that will stand the test of time even when trends pass.It's important to move with the times but remain true to style.'

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