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by Alan Hutchison Published 01/06/2014


Defining a personal style is something that manyphotographers struggle with, but for Alan it has comeabout as a natural evolution of his work. 'I used to shootlandscapes as a hobbyist and now my work is all aboutusing the location to it's best by combining landscapephotography with wedding photography. Alan says thatmany couples don't always like putting their weddingpictures up on the wall because they feel self-consciousabout the images. However, they will often place Alan'slandscape and architectural focused images in pride ofplace in their home as they do not dominate the image.

When he could see the direction that hisstyle was heading Alan also invested inextra training in areas that hefelt could be improved. 'Therewas a lot of lighting involvedin the shots that I did sopart of the development ofmy skills was in that area andalso understanding how to workwith the location technology. Once you know whereyou are going with your work then you can reallystart to develop the photography skills that youneed to take it further'

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