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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2015


The Hologram
A fine art limited edition print should be supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity (C of A). These may be obtained from Hahnemuhle, but a nice additional touch is to also use their hologram system. They provide matched pairs of uniquely numbered hologram stickers the size of a 50 pence piece. One is attached to the back of a piece of art, the other is attached to the C of A. There is even a free registration website, run by Hahnemuhle, on which you can register your limited editions ( A box of 25 parchment certificates and 25 sets of holograms costs £77 including VAT. The certificate itself is a fine art rag paper with a deckle edge, a built-in water mark and security UV threads within its base. Hahnemuhle also provide a template on their website for filling out the certificate. Normally the certificate contains the following information:

The title of the piece
The name of the author
The signature of the author
The size of the edition
The number of the print within that edition
The physical size of the paper and its type
The size of the printed area
The date
The ink media used

A Splash of Gold
Nothing to do with ink but a splash of gold leaf adds immeasurable value to a print, far more than it actually costs. In a limited edition print the issue is where to place the gold. An illuminated capital to a title or quotation is an obvious place but with limited application. The one place it does present possibilities is a wedding album or a wall portrait from a wedding sequence of images. Applying transfer gold is described in the call-out box. The only point worth emphasising is the need to obtain a decent flow out of the Ormaline. It is vital in the creation of smooth finish that the painting should be done with deft, swift strokes and little if any repetition of the brush strokes on top of the Ormaline as this tends to make it drag. We have written on the topic before but it has been brought into focus by the recent discussions on the loss of heritage by the lack of prints being made for the current generation - listen up again; we need to persuade our clients that they need to have long-lasting quality prints made, to pass down the generations. Selling a USB stick does not do the business!

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