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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2015


An occasional feature by Charlotte Moss to introduce The Societies' Judges for Monthly Competitions, Photographer of the Year, Qualifications and the 16x20 Print Competition

"They just want to get married and, of course, have great photos" Paul Callaghan told me excitedly when we discussed the recent referendum in Ireland where the Irish people decided that same-sex couples should have the legal right to marry. "Who is anyone to deprive people of the right to love each other?"


With the new legislation on the horizon to allow same-sex marriages to take place, Irish wedding photographers will certainly be encountering new perspectives on their work: "It's a challenge for the state, a challenge for the church, it's a challenge for everybody! But at the end of the day every couple's money is as good to me as anyone else's." I asked Paul if he'd considered a marketing plan yet to target prospective new clients and was unsurprised when he told me, just three days after the referendum was held, that he'd already been working away, spreading the word about his photography.

'I've already been on Facebook targeting the new markets, and I'm looking at a few websites that cater for gay-friendly wedding suppliers." Paul's signature style of wedding photography means that he'll no doubt be in demand as the wedding industry in Ireland picks up over the next few years, and it's also the reason why Paul is equally in demand as a judge at The Societies' qualification panels: "By having specialists at panel assessments it means that everyone gets a fair hearing. When a different field comes up in the assessment you usually leave it to the judge who is an expert in that genre to make the final call if the panel passes or not, because other photographers might not see the whole picture, as it were."

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