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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2014


FB Gold displayed good colour accuracy right around the HiGAM patch set

Base Parameters

FB Gold is a 315gsm baryta-coated paper with a very subtle silk finish and a near natural tone. The whiteness measurements gave a Fluorescence value of 3.1 and this slight OBA activity also showed in the UV booth. Visually it was identical to Gold Fibre Silk under UV light and the data were also directly comparable. The whiteness value is very high at 99.8% and base tone almost pure neutral with an a value of 0.08 and a b value of -0.85. The look of the paper is slightly creamy.


FB Gold created really nice-looking monochrome prints, backing up the good statistics.

Colour testing

The base tone parameters and baryta coating provide a springboard for excellent colour statistics. They speak for themselves with a first-rate average error of just 1.76 and this was backed with even lower recordings in the greys, skin tones and the Macbeth swatch set.

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1st Published 01/04/2014
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