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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/02/2014

Naturally there is more to the contents of a photographer's kit bag than simply choosing the correct camera body. You'll need lenses, filters, tripods, and sundry other accessory essentials, not forgetting the actual camera bag itself! So where should you start your hunt for accessory kit? Gavin Stoker has some recommendations to get you started...

Just like the old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you at the time, so too, the best accessory is the creative resource you have to hand. Preferably that means something that can fit snugly in your kit bag, to be rapidly retrieved when that once in a lifetime photo opportunity presents itself. We're talking lenses, flashes, filters and the like, just for starters. Or that handy accessory may of course be the bag itself, complete with customizable sections and a multitude of swift access pockets in which to store all those important additional accessories. We've cherry picked a few leading photographic brands and delved into what each has to offer.


Olympus - CS-41B PR


Photo stalwart Olympus has been one of the most proactive manufacturers of late when it comes to issuing accessories for its multiple award wining OM-D camera and 'Pen' mirrorless camera range. The result is that if you own any of the aforementioned cameras there is plenty to choose from to satiate that kit fetish.

For example, for the 2013/14 TIPA Award winning E-P5 camera there is the Premium Leather Camera Bag (CBG-9 PR) priced at a suggested £349.99 that can fit the CSC with lens attached. It also features a removable inner pocket that holds the camera and accessories in place. Inner pockets with movable spacers allow the bag's innards to be tailored according to use. An adjustable shoulder strap is provided to fit the wearer's body when the bag is worn at an angle, whilst two zippers open on both sides to provide rapid access when required.

If you'd like a more glove-like fit, however, then go for the slightly more affordable Premium Leather Body Jacket (CS-41B PR) at £129.99, which is claimed to be manufactured from the same high grade leather. The advantage of the body jacket is that it protects your investment whilst not sacrificing usability or comfort.

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1st Published 01/02/2014
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