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Published 01/02/2014


Lastolite Ezybox Speedlite,


Brand spanking new from the brand is another product sure to have a magnetic effect on photographers; namely a Magnetic Background Support. Doing just what the names suggests, this allows photographers to quickly attach any collapsible background with a steel rim to a traditional lighting stand. The strong 'neodymium' magnetic connections grip the background in two positions, thus increasing stability.

Also recommended is the tried and trusted Ezybox Speedlite, a 22x22cm mini softbox which attaches directly onto a flashgun whether it is on or off the camera. The softbox also folds away, thus making it an ultra convenient and portable option. The unit also comes with an inner and outer diffuser which when used together produces a two stop light loss, and delivers a softness of light that Lastolite claims is 'unrivalled'.


Lastolite Brolly Grip

The last of our top recommendations from the brand is its Brolly Grip Kit with Trifold Umbrella, offering a convenient solution for the photographer who needs mobility. The new Brolly Grip is described as a unique hand held bracket which supports the flashgun in a horizontal position along the shaft of the umbrella. Included in the package is a translucent TriFold (thereby extra compact) umbrella.

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