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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2016


Most of us are aware of the big names in photography, but what about the jobbing photographer, those working hard at their craft to earn an income.

Has the industry become devalued in the digital era - with all camera owners deemed photographers by the general public - are full-time professional photographers an endangered species?

Or, can they still be found working diligently in our cities, towns and villages - not only providing their clients with great photographs, but earning a good living too. With this in mind I set out to discover a little more from those at grassroots level working hard to keep our industry alive, promoting good practice and providing a professional product.

Angela's studio, Angel Images, resides in an antique building located in the West End of Greenock, overlooking the Clyde Estuary to Helensburgh and beyond. This generous lady has been open and honest in this interview, hoping to help others, as she does each and every day in her life and business. Thank you Angela.

All about Angela: what she loves, hates, can't live without and what makes her tick!

Things I love. Oh goodness, too many things. I was blessed with two perfect children quite late in life, they are the centre of my world. I love that they're big enough to go cycling with, take skiing and have fabulous conversations with - especially my son, the budding Formula One engineer and Lego master builder. My daughter loves designing items for me to make - she has a soft-toy, doggy-wardrobe on her agenda - her most recent request is a glow-in-thedark Halloween dress.

I hate small-minded people. I also hate that section on forms which asks about your race and religion.

If we are not supposed to be racist why do these things matter to data collectors? I always write, I am a person. I'm not a big fan of housework - it’s just relentless - when our house was originally built it required a live-in maid, live-in cook, laundry maid and gardener!

I couldn’t live without a crochet hook and wool, my camera and my sewing machine to make beautiful things and exercise the little grey cells - bagging a jacket is a fun exercise in lateral thinking! However, my husband would say I can’t live without tea. Tea is fuel for the imagination, the essence to dream by - especially if there’s a slice of Victoria sponge to accompany it.

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1st Published 01/12/2016
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