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by Angelique Duffield Published 01/08/2010


Shawna had already spread the word about our project, and a local florist hopped on board to join our team, and an upscale hair salon said they would lend their expertise and provide hair and make-up for the models. Feeling on a roll, I approached a well-known jewellery store to see if they would be willing to contribute engagement and wedding-related jewellery to the photo session (among other thirdparty marketing ideas that I had in mind for a future date). The owner came back to me saying they were ready to launch a radio- and directmarketing campaign for engagement rings, and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

the meantime, the salon owner had passed on my details to the organiser of a charity music festival, and she approached me to do the photography for the event. In exchange for my services, I would be able to hold a booth, have a logo on the website, have a banner at the front entrance, and sell images and videos to the contestants of the talent show who would be performing in the finals on the night of the festival. The event took place in July.


Within two short weeks, my fortunes have changed. My husband and I are no more financially afloat than we were five months ago, in fact worse, since now I'm investing in high-quality sample albums, promo cards, a banner, and an acrylic fine-art print to be hung at the hotel. But my outlook has changed. The future finally seems bright instead of bleak. I no longer feel the need to cry myself to sleep with worry over the future of my business. Thousands of miles away from where I started my photography career, I can see that my dream of working for myself and running a successful photography business has a good chance of becoming a reality...again.

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1st Published 01/08/2010
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