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by Damian McGillicuddy Published

I believe your Chief Executive has gone MAD!!! Why else would he ask me to write for the Society Photographer.....

Seriously, when I pick up a trade journal I often think to myself "How is this author qualified to give this opinion" and the real answer is that everybody's opinion is valid and should be listened to. Unfortunately it is only a lucky few who get the opportunity to express themselves and for this I'm grateful. That aside I do feel that by way of an Introduction I should offer a brief resume; I do this not to brag or elevate my position, but in an attempt to let you know just where I'm coming from and I suppose where I've been.

My name is Damian McGillicuddy. I've been a "Professional" photographer since I got kicked out of art school in the eighties..... Something to do with not putting enough hours in. In truth I wasn't, I was busy "Moonlighting" you know the stuff, assisting to established studios, "Kid snapping" and I think uniquely (as a photographer) working as a door man and body guard but that's another story!!!! Sad I know, but I had to put myself through college somehow.

You see as far back as I can remember other than desperately wanting to be Heavyweight Champion of the World, I've always wanted to be a photographer. God knows why, I think I'd need the help of a good psychiatrist to work that one out. The point is though I've always been passionate about art, of which photography is a part, misguided but passionate. This was my driving force.... How dare they kick me out of College I'll show them; the World will beat a path to my door (see what I mean about misguided!!!)

Lets cut a long story short. Over the years I've always set targets for myself; youngest Licentiate, youngest Associate and so on. Today I hold 101 regional and National titles and I believe I've become the first person to retain the M.P.A.'s National title of "Child photographer of the year", an achievement I'm particularly proud of. Some people rate my work and some don't. That's OK by me as long as the clients keep paying!

I work with my wife (and boss) and three part time colleagues from our studio in Widnes Cheshire. We undertake direct commissions from the public, the worlds of radio and TV, (mainly Granada and C4 along with independent production companies) and a host of local model agencies and would be models. I think it's probably more telling to also list the one thing we DEFINITELY don't do and that is weddings, but that's also another story!

We have recently moved to new premises and it was this that prompted me to look inward at myself and our business and it was this action that lead directly to the article below....

"All Hail The New Rock & Roll"

This really isn't quite as strange a statement as at first it may seem. In essence all it means is photography is now picking up the same pace, energy, excitement, status and image it enjoyed in the 60's with the Bailey's, Donovans and

Swannells of this world.

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