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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2015


Most of us are aware of the big names in photography, but what about the jobbing photographer - one who isn't necessarily entering competitions and selling training - but simply working hard at their craft to pay the bills. Are they an endangered species? Has the industry become devalued in the digital era, with all camera owners deemed photographers by the general public? Or are the professional photographers diligently working away in our towns and villages providing their clients with great photos? With this in mind I set out to discover a little more from those at grassroots level, working hard to keep our industry alive and promoting good practice and providing a professional product.

Based in bustling Manchester (with a population of over half a million), Lisa has huge photographic competition on her doorstep. However, this hasn't stopped her from transforming an initial home-based business into a successful portrait studio. Lisa was happy to share her photographic journey, and agreed to discuss her business with me over a series of emails.

What motivated you to start in the industry?
For me, photography started out as a hobby. My chosen genre was initially landscapes, as I loved travelling to beautiful locations across Britain. I'd spend hours capturing the beauty of the surrounding countryside, waiting for the perfect light, and I'd use the time to experiment with the capabilities of my camera. From there, I became interested in child portraiture, mainly because some of my friends started to have children. I really enjoyed capturing those baby smiles and seeing their parents' faces light up when they viewed the images.

Then, three years ago I was made redundant; it was then I decided to change professions and make my love of photography into my full-time job.

At almost the same time my partner and I decided to get a puppy. I wanted to document him growing up, so set myself a challenge of capturing a picture of him every week. I loved doing this so much - taking pictures of him up to mischief, his cuteness and watching him grow and change - I accepted a couple of canine commissions. The reaction I received when delivering the images to the clients was wonderful - I was hooked. Now my business combines my love of dogs and landscapes, as I soon realised this is where my heart wanted to be - that's how Furrtography was born!

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