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by Tom Lee Published 01/11/2006


Not everybody is interested in making slide shows to sell images to their brides. Acrobat has industrial-grade security and encryption facilities to prevent tampering with files, copying files or printing them. They may also be password protected to prevent unauthorised use or access. This can be beneficial if you have to provide a client with full resolution images for approval which they are yet to pay for. Payment can be used to trigger the provision of the password to unlock the file.

You might be reluctant to fork out for Acrobat Professional if all you wish to do is make shows for your brides or to loop one around at a bridal fair. However if your work involves mixing text and words, graphic design or provision of material for offset litho printing then Acrobat is the medium of choice - indeed Professional Imagemaker is now produced on an all-pdf workflow.

Music - the score

Music is a vital constituent of your slideshows, it adds mood and considerably enhances the experience (ie making the bride's mother cry!).There is a ton of music about, the only problem is that it all belongs to somebody, else unless you are the musician and recorded it yourself. Adherence to copyright is very important if you wish to use somebody's music for commercial gain or to make a public performance. You ignore this at your peril, there are big players out there who own music and they are both alert to misuse and diligent is pursuing transgressors - you have been warned! We spoke to AKM Music's Anthony McTiffen for background information and visited their website for a look and listen.

They have 70 CDs holding more than 3,000 tracks of music themed for easy cataloguing and searching. The CDs cost £32.95 and come with pre-cleared licences for commercial productions and public performance. If you visit the AKM website you may listen to previews of each CD, which are around 3-minute excerpts.

There are two types of CD available, the standard music type (which plays on your sound system) and CD-ROM in which tracks are formatted as .wav files. Your software may be able to translate CD tracks into a format suitable for your slideshowbuilding software, check before you specify your order.


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1st Published 01/11/2006
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