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by Tom Lee Published 01/11/2006


6. With the dragged image layer focused in the Layers Palette, click on the Layer Effects icon at the bottom and set up both the Stroke and the Drop Shadow.

7. Review your handiwork and if you like it, save the file to a new folder called processed images with a new name (or something of your own choosing).Well Presented

8. If you wish to change the background colour, focus the background layer and fill it with a pre-chosen colour.

9. If you wish to be more adventurous, add noise to the background (Filter>Noise>Add Noise), then Motion Blur or Radial blur (Filter>Blur>Motion Blur or Zoom Blur) and fizz things up a bit.

10. Once you have firmed up on a design, it would be well worthwhile towrite a Photoshop Action to further automate the process. This can berun directly from the Bridge Image Processor dialogue box. You mightalso set up different actions with different themes (eg one for colourshots, one for monochrome, one for sepia). The process is so quickonce you have sorted it out, that you could also theme each weddingset of your website to its own colour scheme. Just remember in all thisnot to get too fussy, simple is often better, but at least it stamps a styleon your website which is hopefully unique.


a) With this method you will never have ugly white spaces around your images regardless of their aspect ratio.
b) If you have a specific colour as your web background, you can make that the background of your processed images, they will then seamlessly fit onto your web backdrop. Note down the web hexadecimal colour then pick it off in the Photoshop Color Picker.
c) Far too many images, presented at lower resolution are oversharpened.

The final sharpening of an image for web, or slide show use, should be carried out at the finshed size and with the Photoshop magnification set to 100% (double click the Magnifier at the bottom of the Tool Bar). Now what you see is what you get and you will find that you have to go very gently - there are not too many pixels about at interfaces and it is easy to get fringes.

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