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by Mark Ashworth Published 01/06/2009


My career started when I was accepted by a respected and well-established high street studio, based in Cambridge, UK. Frances Dumbleton had built her business from a small office at home to having three studios covering many portraits and over 600 weddings a year.

I began at the very bottom with a two-week work-experience programme when I was only 16 years old. After college I worked there full time, mainly carrying out office duties, and finally, at 19, started to take baby portraits in the studio. The rest, as they say, is history. I now run a successful business from home with my wife Kirsty, covering around 30 weddings and about 50-60 portraits per year. I am also happy to extend my skills to occasional commercial work when requested.

There are some very fundamental areas that are essential to our success, and I will look at these in turn.


When you watch a drama-style movie, watch how real it feels, how realistic the characters are and how beautiful the lighting and composition are.

Just remember one thing - everything is acted, directed and captured by very talented individuals. So when photographers are at work, our clients are the actors, we are the directors and photographers. I have to admit, I do struggle with the term reportage and photojournalism, and I know that this subject is controversial and may cause a stir! Don't get me wrong,

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