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Published 01/04/2005


The infrared was MY idea!

On one of our morning expeditions we went to some Mayan ruins for a sunrise shoot. Posing was the main reason for my wanting to study with Lino. I loved what he was doing, especially since it was so different from my style. One of the first things he did that morning was to pose our female model on a corner of one of the ancient ruins.

One of Lino's specialities is the use of fabrics as a prop. A typical piece is about 10 to12 feet in length. The wind was blowing pretty hard that morning. He gave our model a piece of white silk fabric to hold out as part of her "costume" . The wind filled her "sails". They bellowed out dramatically. His posing of her was exquisitely handled.monte zucker image 2

He started her pose at the feet, pointing her forward "show foot " towards the camera, placing her weight totally on the back foot and bending her front leg in an exaggerated curve. He followed it through by pushing her forward hip towards the back, lowering her front shoulder and tipping her head towards her higher back shoulder.

I had always turned and tipped her head to her higher front shoulder.

He completed the pose by bringing out both of her elbows and creating space between her arms and her body. The "S- Curve" that this created was incredibly beautiful. I loved the way that her body looked! That's why I wanted to study with him.

I know that it must be difficult to understand what I'm explaining here, but by studying the accompanying illustration you should be able to see exactly what I'm describing.


He was almost embarrassed to show me how different his style was from mine. I assured him, however, that I was loving every single thing that he was doing. Plus, that was exactly why I wanted to study with him - to see what he was doing, to learn how we was doing it and to adapt some of his techniques as an add-on to what I was already doing.

As he began taking his pictures, Robert suggested that we photograph at the same time. All the photographers participating in the class were, of course, shooting digitally, but I was the only photographer who also had a digital camera that was adapted solely for creating infrared images.

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