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Published 01/04/2005


Special clothing for special locations!

OUR LOCATIONS OFTEN SCREAMED for special costuming. I thought of a particular gown that I had picked up at a recent convention trade show. This particular gown piqued my interest when I knew that I was soon to be returning to the Yucatan and visiting these incredible locations. My vision was realized when I posed a model wearing this unique dress by Barnes

The soft, late-afternoon light was perfect for showing the detail of the dress. The ballerina's foot position allowed for the gown to fall perfectly for showing the unique design down the center of the gown.

All I had to do was to position her so that her face would stand out in a clear place within the wall behind her. I did clean out the electrical boxes and other distractions on the wall with Photoshop.

Dancers have their own, unique poses, but Robert Lino sometimes seemed to blend them together with his own ideas. I flipped over his positioning this ballerina with her boyfriend in an archway high atop one of the walls surrounding a monastery we had visited. I was actually browsing through some of the souvenir shops across the street when I noticed that he had posed the couple there. I couldn't help but pick up my camera for another of my favourite pictures of the week. We didn't avoid shadows in the background. As a matter of fact they became a strong element in a few of the compositions.

He ended that particular day by posing another model in direct sunlight, using her shadow as an integral part of his composition. His "attitude" directions brought out this unique photograph in what might otherwise have been a very ordinary photograph.


Towards the end of Lino's five-day Yucatan Experience I noticed one of the models seated outdoors with an incredible profile shadow behind him. At first I thought of lightening the right side of his face with a reflector, but when I tried it it destroyed the shadow element of the portrait. So, I left it as-is for one of my favourite pictures of the week.

Michele Gauger set up this double silhouette to end the day. I exposed it on aperture priority, as I do for most of my daylight pictures. She, however, still prefers the manual setting of 1/125th at f/16. The "trick" was to position the setting sun directly behind the model. Of course, for a good silhouette one also has to show perfect profiles of the subject. A silhouette without a face doesn't quite make it!

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