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Published 01/12/2013


"It's just one of the new things we're doing all the time to constantly innovate," Click's MD adds, also listing the speed of the service and the packages offered as further boosters to the range's popularity.

In addition, whilst a lot of people sell props and a lot sell backgrounds there's very few who do both. Click Props' list of goodies includes trench bowls and hammocks for posing babies in, and, says Kaufman, it will shortly be offering its own bespoke designs, such as an ornate vintage metal basket, which will hopefully be launching at The Societies Convention.

"People can source these things themselves but it comes down to time; with us they've got tons of useful products at their fingertips - they can literally fill the boot with whatever they want. Furs for posing babies on don't last forever so people are coming back and ordering more and that repeat business is important for us. The backgrounds we've been told are addictive and they're increasing sales for photographers - and that's all that people care about."

Traditionally members of The Click Group tend to be by and large social and portrait photographers. But Kaufman is also finding that the backdrops are proving popular for events photographers too. "We've got all sorts of people buying them; people are photographing proms and nurseries; we've even had an enquiry from an underwater photographer.


And thanks to the SWPP as well, they've gone all across Europe to members in at least seven or eight different countries." Product lines are affordable. Prices for Click Backgrounds start at just £59.50 including VAT, and for anyone ordering one at The Societies Convention, delivery will be free of charge. In terms of investing in an asset for your business, it's a great deal. The next size up, which is 5ft x 8ft is £99, whilst the new Maxi size which is 7ft x 9.5ft retails for £159.50. "They're one of the largest printed vinyls you can get; probably the biggest," suggests Kaufman.

As for the most popular designs, these include wallpaper effects complete with built-in skirting board, plus the graffiti effects and brick walls. "They're the main ones that sell but to be honest the whole range is selling," he enthuses. "When we exhibit at shows we display actual scaled down vinyls,

so it doesn't leave too much to the imagination. People can see what they're getting."

To see more and give your business an obvious visual edge, visit the stand at the Convention in January, pay a visit to the dedicated site at and place an order over the phone, or buy direct online via Amazon.

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