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Published 01/12/2013


Alongside the opportunity to buy props there is also the invitation for your own photographic business to become part of The Click Group, though vacancies are limited. At the time of writing the only available places for photographers to sign up were in Hereford and Inverness. "Those are the only two places in the whole of the United Kingdom available for Click (family portraiture), Fresh (the group focusing on fashion photography) and Boudoir by Fresh (tasteful lingerie shoots), whereas the Bump 2 Baby programme has plenty of availability because there are 7,500 postcode combinations. There are always going to be people coming and going on that."

The main push is the Bump 2 Baby programme, which to help provide photographers with leads and clients incorporates the Bump 2 Baby data, My First Birthday data and My Second Birthday data. Bump 2 Baby offers photographic experiences to expectant mothers and an additional photoshoot with her newborn at a later date.

"The big news there is that the leads for the second birthday data, depending on the quantity they take, has gone down to just 30p per lead - which is a 50% discount on what it used to be. Whereas all our adverts used to have the headline of 50p per lead - if photographers subscribed to all three sets - they now don't have to subscribe to all three sets because we know that set one, Bump 2 Baby has got very limited availability. So what we've done now is really pushed the one that has the most availability - the 2nd birthday. That is really hitting the family portrait market, because there's a lot of people out there who don't want to do babies, they want to do toddlers. So as long as they take enough postcodes and enough volume of data from us they'll get those leads at just 30p plus VAT each; that's a fraction of what our competitors charge for data."


Studios on average enjoy a 2% to 4% conversion rate on leads, which considering these are direct mailing tools is above the normal conversion rates for direct mail. The Click Group's data comes from Bounty, the UK's largest family database.

Needless to say, The Click Connection Corporation as the umbrella entity overseeing the groups and product ranges, is always in a process of reviewing its revenue streams to find the most profitable which is then what it concentrates on.

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