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Published 01/12/2013


"If you focus on too many things it can backfire as you lose the flow," Kaufman correctly reasons. "The props and the Bump 2 Baby are the main things we're pushing as regards the photography sector."

One satisfied photographer is Suzi Allen, who is so happy with how well the Bump 2 Baby scheme has benefited her business she actually runs courses through Click ED - another division of The Click Group - teaching photographers and Bump members how to achieve the same winning results. Allen is used to getting an above average 8% to 10% take up from direct mail outs.

"Just over two years ago I started to take Click's Bump 2 Baby leads as I decided I wanted to ease off wedding work and build up my studio work," she recalls. "I needed to find a niche of my own - something I could make a bit of a name for myself in. I made a point of studying direct mail and really worked hard to build a good reputation. I now regularly enjoy a response rate of 8-10% and just about all of these are converted into successful sittings. Yes, I've had the few who love the work but can't afford much, but I've also been lucky enough to have sales of £1000. Overall, my average is £327 so I'm happy! The Bump 2 Baby sittings lead on to family portraits and even some pet portraits!

"Another bonus is that when mums are expecting their next baby, they don't wait for my letter. They contact me straight away to book in again.

So, I'm building clients for life! Word of mouth is certainly the best form of advertising and this is definitely happening for me now. I've built upon my skills and now enjoy offering workshops to others, so they can enjoy the Bump 2 Baby leads as much as I do!"

In terms of current offers and deals, anyone joining The Click Group's Bump 2 Baby programme at the Convention will get a 10% on any props or backgrounds, excluding any normal show offers or packages (so an additional discount). On the flip side, anyone buying one of the Click Props starter packs for £150 will get £50 off joining the Bump 2 Baby programme. The starter pack will include a 5ft x 5ft flooring, any one of the four trench bowls in the range, any one of the mini furs - of which there are nine in the range - plus a choice of three large size cheese cloth wraps.

The package price saves photographers £32.50 off the price it would cost if the elements were bought separately.

The Click Group also holds its own conferences and awards for members, which will take place next 19 and 20 May. In the meantime, pop over when you arrive at the Convention, check out the stand divided between Click Props and Bump 2 Baby and say hello to Charlie Kaufman and his willing team.

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