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by David Moffitt Published 01/10/2013


David Moffitt started out in the music business, discovering his love of photography through providing publicity shot for bands, and now he's become an acknowledged leader in the field of baby photography.

It's often quite surprising how people find their way to a photographic career and, for David Moffitt, the catalyst that turned an interest in taking pictures into a full-on business was a straightforward offer to help out by shooting pictures as a favour for his then employer.


"My background was in the music business," he says, "initially owning a recording studio, then becoming a record producer, label owner and band manager before running the UK office of a Belgian Heavy Metal label called Mausoleum Records. I had always dabbled in photography as a part-time business and could see how much money they were spending on photography. I offered to help out and suddenly it was my responsibility to provide photographs of all the artists on the label roster (over 80 acts). Soon I was spending all my time flying around Europe, hiring studios and going on tour with bands.

"In the UK I began working for various publications on a freelance basis, titles such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Melody Maker and Sounds, as well as specialist magazines such as the Japanese title Burrn and Guitar Techniques. I would also go on tour for these magazines with bands such as Saxon and Motorhead. However, although it might sound exciting, after a while all the time I was spending on the road became quite tedious and I started to look for a different way of life."

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1st Published 01/10/2013
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