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by Mike McNamee Published 01/11/2006


Try this one. My mouse has suddenly started to judder when working with brushes in Photoshop. This is so bad as to prevent accurate painting of masks and uncontrolled splodging when using the Rubber Stamp tool. Googling for 'Vista Photoshop jittering' revealed that we were not alone but no solution had been posted as of 28 October on the Adobe forum.

Adding 'stuttering' to the search dropped out the answer at is the extract:

Photoshop (7, CS2, CS3, CS4) is studdering / lagging / jerking / delaying on Windows Vista working with brush. Happens with NVidia graphic cards. It also causes lots of screen and program lags.Driver updates do not help (2008-05).

Go to 'Appearance Settings' and turn Windows Scheme from "Windows Vista Basic" or any other scheme back to 'Windows Aero'. To do so, click right mouse button on your Desktop, select "Personalize", then select "Theme", and use the Drop Down Menu and select

"Windows Vista".
So simple that may be, that solves the problem.

If you do not like Windows Aero, work without the ruler (CTRL+r). when the problem comes again, press CTRL+r twice. This does not solve the problem once and for all, but it helps. Also pressing CTRL+"-" (minimize) and CTRL+"+" (maximize) stops the studdering for a while."

This last one worked for us, we also tried Windows Aero running in 'Classic' mode. This too worked.

Why do we have to put up with this sort of stuff? Let's take the car analogy. If you bought a new car and it went at half the speed of your old one, wouldn't you take it back the the sale room and ask for your money back? If your new car was stuttering and the only solution was to get out of the car lift the bonnet twice and get back in again wouldn't you take it back to the sale room and demand that it was fixed. Now, where's that phone number for the Apple Mac centre?

End of Rant number two.

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