Doug Gordon The Big Red Bus Tour - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2010


Mike McNamee gathers some thoughts from the passengers on Doug's Big Red Bus Tour, undoubtedly one of the highlights of the 2010 Convention

I waved them off from the Novotel West with a slightly sinking feeling. Six inches of salty slush, minus something or other air temperature, dull threatening skies and jobsworths patrolling the London monuments waving Section 44 at people with large cameras! My fears were somewhat reinforced later in the day when the news filtered down to the bowels of the hotel that Anita and 'the dress' had returned and that the dress was in a bit of a state. Lesley McGillicuddy's reception of this news was as frosty as the weather, with large overnight cleaning bills and rushing about impending, so that the dress would be ready for the following day's shoot.

Then the images arrived from Doug. Wow! This guy is a genius - how people can get back from a gig like this with more than 128 beautifully crafted images in such adverse conditions is quite remarkable. Apparently he had done an edit, and most of a slide show, on the bus on the way back to the hotel - now that is just showing off! Reports from 'Steve the Groom' were that Doug was his usual all-action self, he even got the shots of Nelson's Column before the jobs-worths moved in.


Such events happen only after lots of planning and preparation and so the Society's thanks go to the models, Steve and Anita De Bauch. Steve bore his burden stoically as one would expect from a disciplined martial arts expert, apparently he only cried a couple of times. Anita was her usual serene and gorgeous self, remaining good humoured, stunningly beautiful and smiling even when she wanted to cry with cold, along with Steve! Thanks to the on-bus team of Paul Taylor, Ash Bosamia and Dave Silvester. Paul had done a lot of the preparatory paper work to keep the jobsworths at bay, Ash is a Londoner and provided valuable local knowledge and Dave Silvester organised the riot control of the paparazzi scrums.

This was not my first time working with Doug Gordon or spending a day modelling in thick snow, but combining the two along with the stunning historical locations in the centre of my home city made for lots of fun and some beautiful images. Admittedly, it was very cold, especially when my strapless bridal gown (kindly supplied by The Societies) started soaking up large quantities of ice water, but Doug was very considerate of my wellbeing and Chris Holmes kept me in warm clothes and hot chocolate! Although a lot of practical information about professionally shooting weddings was imparted, including how to expertly pose Steve and me, the atmosphere was friendly and light-hearted with lots of laughter. As you can see from the photos, thanks to Doug's team and theupbeat delegates it wasn't hard for me to keep smiling and posing all day long to get shot after shot!

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