Blanket on the Ground - part 1 of 1

by Stephen Benzie Published 01/12/2002


LOOKING through each copy of our magazine, I only get more and more inspired by the work coming in for the monthly print competition. All around there are different approaches to the same subject i.e. the bride and groom and their guests and party, colour, b/w, sepia, half tone etc, etc, but also the way in which the subject is positioned and the use of what is around.

We would all like to have the country church with lake close by, but what if you have nothing like this in your area. Well use what you have - the ground, hence the title! My BEST accessory is the blanket, used more than any lens or filter.

The blanket allows the bride and groom, plus party to sit on wet grass without getting piles or more importantly on the day, grass stains on that all expensive dress that they or possibly the bride's mum has paid for. (This has the added advantage that it stops mother running across your shot terrified that the dress will be ruined!) All this results in time saving, less stress and praise for the photographer for showing his "caring" side.

Blankets are not just for sitting on, oh no, they are also for laying bride/groom or party on, yes, laying on their backs. This leads to the look of portraits taken at weddings.


Heads can now be compacted into a tight area, but with the maximum size ratio being achieved.

It can also be used as a prop cover for that dirty old seat in the corner, that's covered in bird droppings, or any other thing that could be used without the worry of marks. And cost! Well that's up to you, but heavy duty ones will stop moisture coming through.

Colour ideally can be white or green or if you have a different wedding like I did this year (blue/purple wedding dress) - get something near to it and then you can also make the train look longer/bigger than it is.

If none of this works just sing the song and get in a good mood for your next trip into a paid day out taking photos, the thing you like doing best and getting paid for - can't be bad!

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1st Published 01/12/2002
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