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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2005


This Paper Chase is a pot-pourri of topics including a "new" paper from Costco, inkjet boards and some canvas, fresh from Focus. Board inkjet media are the in-vogue material at the moment and following a sample-gathering raid at Focus we have decided to let you in on the secret. For the busy professional they have two advantages. The mechanical stability of the board allows it to be placed directly in a frame without the need to secure it to a backing piece. This means that there is less opportunity to damage a print before it is securely fitted to its frame.


There are a number of laminating solutions for covering the front of an image surface, but those, which rely on a liquid application, always run the risk of the print cockling if it has insufficient mechanical stability. A further advantage of boards is gained for prints intended for sale as limited edition prints in a gallery. These are typically stacked in flip racks for the prospective buyer to rummage through, and are quite vulnerable, even with a window mount on the front. The additional mechanical strength of a board can only help.

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1st Published 01/04/2005
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