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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2012


9. How do you glue gems onto a model's lips and how do you get them off at the end of the shoot?

The gems are hard to source, but quite effective. I use eyelash adhesive, because it's used in a very sensitive area, the eyes (so the mouth should be safe). Like eyelash adhesive it becomes rubbery and just peels off. It is a laborious process, but like everything, you learn easier ways to apply the stuff. Because most things I do are ground breaking, it's fun trying new ideas out.

10. The model cannot in all probability go home with the make-up on; does the studio have to have on-site showering facilities?

No they use one of our guest's bathrooms. Regarding going home with the make-up on one of my regular models I made up to the extreme, and she insisted that she wore the make-up to go home in. I have a car that is somewhat noticeable so she insisted I drove her through the town centre while she shouted out to all her friends and showed them her make-up. I then turn from photographer to chauffeur.


11. How much do the make-up materials cost for an average creative job?

It's hard to break down to individual make-ups. I do use some other items readily at hand, such as the cornflower, and Parma ham, but I would say to start get your eye shadows off eBay and your brushes (do keep your brushes clean every time you use); false eye lashes you can also get from eBay about 20 assorted pairs for about £7.50. Brushes and eye shadow on offer about £30, Clinique foundation say £20. That would set you up and each session would be no more than £3 or £4.

12. How do you go about sourcing props such as hats, wigs, gloves, clothes and spectacles? Are clothes frequently ruined by the make-up materials?Yes often! My best dress shirt was wrecked in one shoot. I use wigs quite a lot from fancy-dress shops. I pop into second-hand shops let them know what I am looking for and they contact me if something suitable comes in. I do not always look for things, I see something and the idea comes from that. One shoot I had, I had just bought some potatoes in a sack so I slit the sack, bent a coat hanger to make the back stand up - then got some dead hydrangeas from my neighbour and that was the shot. The poor model had brought two suitcases of clothes to work with I never even opened them! One shoot saw some carpet underlay sprayed silver have a contemporary garment or I will just wrap material around the model. If ideas come to you just try them no matter how stupid they seem. There is nothing lost.

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