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Published 01/04/2014

The Seven Effective Ways To Market Portraiture

1) Direct Mail

Generally best for niche markets where focused mailing lists are available, especially recently-born babies. Critical here is that your copy is well written with a killer headline, key highlights, a good PSand an easy way for the prospect to respond.

2) Online Promotions - Groupon, Facebook and Google Adwords With the movement, now a rush, to shop online this is an area that we portrait photographers ignore at our peril.

Done well, Groupon and Facebook are both capable of producing a meaningful return for a minimal, even zero, marketing cost.

Adwords has a well-deserved reputation for being a money sink for the unsuspecting advertiser but it can also be an extremely effective marketing tool when used properly, not only precisely targeting your customer Avatars but also revealing killer headlines that can be deployed in all other marketing material from direct mail to confirmation letters. A really rapid insight in to what works.

3) Raffle and Auction Prizes

Not a main pillar but useful as a way into schools (see below). Auction winners have already invested significantly in your product by simply buying the voucher, sight unseen, and so are often predisposed to spend well on top of their prize.

Again, zero marketing costs.

4) Schools

Either as a stand at a fete or as a general mail-out to parents - your target market.
vGood averages and cheap to run.

Getting past the gate-keeper, aka school secretary, can be a challenge and that is where raffle prizes are useful.

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