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Published 01/04/2014

5) Gift Experience Companies

Vouchers sold in retail outlets such as WH Smiths and Boots, supermarkets, and online are distributed by a central hub to participating photographers.

Usually around a 10% BOS (Bum on Seat) cost, and provided with no work on your part, so well worth doing.

Principal disadvantage is that, like Groupon, these are third party providers and so they control the lead flow, not you. If they constitute a large part of your business, this could make you vulnerable. It is sensible, therefore, not to depend upon them too much but rather treat them as a useful add-on to your marketing mix.

6) Exhibitions
Manned or unmanned in shopping precincts, supermarkets and leisure centres. Anywhere where there is a high footfall of your target market. Can be very remunerative if managed well. It is no coincidence that the biggest studios in the country relies on this method of marketing as a prime income source.

Principal challenges are getting the right staff and, even when well managed, incur a high BOS cost, typically well over £100, requiring a very high average sale to justify the outlay.

7) Existing Database

Clearly relevant for the established business but a properly set up CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) with ongoing online promotions to your email list of existing clients, opt-ins, and any other enquiries, these can reap some of the highest average sales for the least marketing cost.

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