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Published 01/04/2014

First Contact

Having now generated a steady supply of leads, it is very important that they are looked after properly.

From the very first phone call, anticipation should be raised and perceptions enhanced that this is not just a photoshoot but rather a real opportunity to have those family pictures you have always wanted.

Inevitably, many clients' previous experience of professional photography might have been at the cheap end of the market and those perceptions need to be changed before they come for their shoot.

If the client wants to defer their shoot for a bit, no problem, make them a lead. We want people in when they are ready because they are then more likely to spend. Typically this might be four or five months.

Incidentally, do not expect all leads from a promotion to convert. Typically we see 40%-60% actually sitting at the end of the day.

Your overall goal is to deliver clients to the studio excited at the prospect of having amazing pictures taken that they will treasure for a lifetime. If they arrive with changes of clothes, that is a really good sign, it shows that they have thought through and planned for their shoot.

Finally, always confirm every shoot 48 hours beforehand, it will minimise no-shows.

There you have it!

I have tried to condense what is an extremely wide-ranging and complex subject in to a few pages. Of necessity, a lot of detail has had to be left out but do remember that everything you will need to run any of the initiatives listed here is available within My Portrait Business, our photographic blueprint, right down to all the templates you will need and the results you can expect.

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