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Published 01/04/2014

In Summary

For a stable cash flow look to generate multiple income streams each supported by multiple marketing pillars

Ensure all your literature is touchy-feely and builds client expectation so that they understand that their experience is going to be special and that they are going to want to invest in additional images. All telephone conversations support the same message so that the client is delivered to the studio excited to be there.

Next Time

Sales - Leg Three

You now have clients beating a path to your door and are shooting beautiful pictures but you can still fail unless you get your pricing right.

This is an area, more than any other, that photographers don't like tackling. They are notorious for under valuing their work. I will show you how to actually enjoy selling!!

I will also cover:
• How to structure your price list for profit.
• Why it is important to charge what you are really worth.
• Price sensitivity and how it can work in your favour.
• How to lay out your sales room for maximum effect.
• Why spreading payment is pretty much an essential option.

The content of these articles is drawn from My Portrait Business, my blueprint designed to enable photographers to safely start or take their portrait businesses to the next level - all based on over 20 years experience

Only what is working in our studio right now is included.

No theory, everything tried and tested.

Everything and much more than discussed here in a great deal more detail, including templates of all the material needed, from marketing to price lists, which you can swipe and deploy in your own business.

There is even a private online discussion forum where challenges can be discussed and solved rapidly.

100% Guarantee

So sure am I that this will work for you, that I will guarantee it. If, after one year, you have implemented the initiatives I recommend and you have not made back at least the value of your investment, then I will refund the difference.

In truth, I would expect you to make more than the monthly repayment just by generating one extra sitting, in which case the blueprint will effectively be FREE!!

If you would like to know more about MPB, then check it out at, leave you name and email, then over the next few days I'll then send you Four Completely Free Strategic Summaries along with an option to take a detailed look at My Portrait Business to see if it is for you.

See You Next Time!

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